Instagram Strategy for Association Communicators

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Most associations believe they are in a battle for readership. Enticing their distracted, busy (and frankly uninterested) members to pay attention continues to be relevant as an associations’ biggest challenges.

Part of overcoming that challenge is to use multiple channels to reach your audience. Members want to choose where to engage and how they build a relationship with you. Instagram should be part of an association’s communications plan, but many don’t have a strategy in place to use the channel well. Yet it is a viable place for businesses, where people say they come to discover new products and connect with brands they love.

Before investing time in Instagram, or any other attention-earning strategy, decide what you want to accomplish and whose attention you seek.

Once you lay the foundation, here are 12 steps to an effective Instagram strategy for your association:

1. Put someone in charge.
2. Be clear on your goals for this particular delivery channel.
3. Target your customers.
4. Develop your Instagram BIO or profile.
5. Think about your content.
6. Be intentional as you launch into the world of first impressions.
7. Be active.
8. Promote your Instagram.
9. Establish a few #hashtags.
10. Grow your followers.
11. Set some measurements.
12. Be patient!

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Melynn Sight is the President of nSight Marketing. After spending 25 years in corporate, for-profit marketing and communications, Melynn works exclusively with association executives and executives on refining their communications with members. nSight Marketing is the first and best place to discover and then communicate your unique message of value. One that is relevant to your most important audiences.

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