What Mission: CONNECT Includes & Doesn’t Include


(1) No predisposed solutions! (We will figure this out together!)
(2) An in-depth discovery to change what’s not working with association communications. We’ll uncover new approaches and delivery methods for state and local associations.
(3) Project launches January 2014 and lasts throughout the year.
(4) Coverage of all project fees and travel costs (except activities noted below under “not included” … and any costs associated with them)
(5) Materials to hold a series of three focus groups: questions, invitation emails, and an incentive to get Realtor® members to attend.
(6) Audit of current member communications channels and sample materials.
(7) Full day workshop at the state association (or central) location. (add period at the end)
(8) After the live workshop, a series of virtual meetings to continue the project.
(9) A final plan outlining the new process. (If we pursue new tools, collaterals or distribution channels, this will be at the associations’ expense.)
(10) A follow-up communications survey of your members after the new process has been in place for six months.

Not Included:

(1) A facilitator for your focus groups (all other tools for the focus grow pare provided).  We will help you with guidelines for facilitator selection.
(2) Any new technology that the group decides to pursue (e.g. scoping, set up, testing, and funding). If the group decides on any collaterals, design, content and/or print costs are not included.
(3) Any additional training in using a new system selected, ancillary knowledge improvement like writing, or process improvement like inner-association processes are not included.
(4) Manpower to execute the new plan.

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