The value of membership is determined by a wide array of characteristics. Advocacy, promoting the value of the practitioner to members and the public, and career development each has an independent effect on members’ determination of value. We know that members who value their association membership will be more likely to renew and recommend membership to others.

If you do nothing else this year, educate yourself on what a value proposition really is. It goes to the heart of why your members belong.

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When is the last time you asked yourself: “Is the way we communicate still viable?”  What do our members tell us they need most?” If your gut says there’s a problem, you may be saying to yourself, “My members don’t seem to read”, or “I don’t think I’m making a good connection to the right members”, or “I want us to be more relevant.“

If you are considering where to start to systematically improve your communications, how about beginning at ground zero?  Maybe it’s time for an outside look in.  

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Do you survey your members once a year? Have you discussed the specific goals for your survey? Is a focus group the next step you need to get more in-depth, valueable feedback from members?

nSight Marketing can help you decide which options are the right fit for your organization and then plan research to meet your goals and deliver recommendations to help you make change based on the results.

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Do members tell you they hear from you too often? Are you broadcasting general information that’s generic and not specific to any member group? Many associations feel their communications aren’t hitting the mark with members, but they don’t have a plan for change.

The communications planning process will help you create a sustainable, measurable plan that gets your staff thinking about the WHO (key member groups), WHAT (a relevant message), HOW (which channels), WHEN (consistent timing) and WHY (what’s in it for my member) of your communications. Yes, the 4W’s are still relevant for association communicators!

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Get your leaders and staff out of the day-to-day focus and into the future – both the necessities and the possibilities. The 8-hour session helps you identify the most relevant issues that will lead to progress on the biggest issues facing the organization. The result outlines strategic goals and their execution for the next 36 months.

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What will bringing an outside presenter help you accomplish? What ideas do you want to convey? Our time together needs to satisfy your specific objectives.

Melynn speaks to and motivates groups from state and national conferences, to leadership kickoff meetings, and to small groups of association staff. Workshops are a half-to-a-full day together to build skills or create plans to help point you in a new, specific direction.  

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Are you considering a new website to make tools and information more accessible (I mean simple) for your members?  Partner with us. We know the subjects and priorities most important to association members, and create website graphic and navigational design solutions to compliment and more important – to support your communications plan.  

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