Auditing Your Communications

The strongest communicators are those who plan their communications to be a competitive advantage. Take a serious look at your communications through a third party audit.

The communications audit will:


An audit provides the situational analysis as groundwork for a communications plan. Learn how to build an association communications plan here.

Building a Usable Communications Plan

After learning about any communications barriers and suggestions, the next step is to gather your key communicators together to create a communications plan. The plan begins with your communications goals. It helps you think about your diverse audiences, how to plan messages and measurements, and establish a calendar that lays out your communications for action and assigns staff accountability.

The workshop includes:

  • Live four hour workshop
  • Two additional 30 minute conversations with Melynn to finalize the plan if necessary
  • Fully-working process document and project management ideas for your staff

Learn how to create an effective communications strategy
Learn the 10 steps to building a communications plan

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Communications Audits

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