Your Value Proposition – Fill the Space

Member value is the space that lives between your association’s leaders, the staff, programs, events, brochures, website, communications, products, etc.— between all that and what goes on in a member’s mind when they see their annual dues statement.

A value proposition is the conversation members have with themselves about the rationale to write the check to renew their membership. You need tune in to their silent conversation.

Associations across the country are considering the member value proposition as the most important step in sustaining the purpose of their organization.

The goal of the activity is to present members a rationale about the reasons they should belong to your association, a competing organization (or provider) or none at all. A consistent message that expresses what you can do to counter members’ biggest worries.

From state associations in Pennsylvania to Kansas, and from local associations in Idaho to Maryland to Florida, leaders are discovering a new way to look at value from the member’s eyes.

Your value proposition can help to reinvent your association. The work you do to define your value proposition can help the association’s committees, the board and staff think about the future from the member’s shoes—looking in, instead of from the association’s shoes—looking out.

Value is more than “what members get versus what they pay.” By identifying their core business needs, you’ll begin to look at your existence from a very different view from the outside in. Be part of filling the space that lives between your association’s offerings and what keeps a member up at night.

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