Association Clients

“Melynn is the best at helping associations and staffs understand the world of communications, branding and marketing.”
Karen Gehle, CEO, State Association

“This was, by far, the most productive and timely department retreat that we’ve had since I’ve been in this department for almost ten years, thanks to your outside view of what we needed to do to accomplish new goals. Thanks for your insight and in-depth preparation of what we do and your assistance on how we can make it better.”
Laurie O, National Association

“If I could offer any advice for an AE choosing to grow the association in this manner is do not do it alone, find an expert who is not a stakeholder and pick his /her brain to death, and hire someone to help you sell it. We were able to accomplish both with Melynn. We went in knowing all the objections and then had a well-developed plan to answer them. Second piece of advice- the formation is not the end, hold on to your consultant at least for a 3-5 year period because remember you are essentially giving birth to a project and then raising a toddler. Every parent needs a support system to get through the terrible twos, needs assistance with babysitting, illness and a multitude of other things before we can send them to kindergarten, our consultant is that support network for us.”
Dawn K, CEO, Local Association

“You are just what we needed! The board gave the (strategic planning) session an 11 on a scale of one to ten. I measure the success of such an event by the extent to which everyone contributes and takes ownership and the amount of laughter. It was fantastic!”
Sue Ellen F, President, Non-Profit Association

“You clearly had put a significant amount of work into making your session relevant for the audience. I saw qualities in you that I hope to one day (begin to) develop, and I thank you for that little bit of inspiration that you provided me with through your marketing concepts right through to your genuine follow up.”
Megan S, Director, Canadian Real Estate Association

“Melynn, I have served on local, state, and national association boards for over the past 15 years and you are in the top 5 of presenters I have ever had the privilege to sit in on! Thank you for all you do!”
Jerry D, President, National Association

Corporate Clients

“Melynn is someone who always gives it to you straight, was supportive when it was needed, chased you along when you were dawdling and always got the job done. I don’t know of a better change agent that I’ve ever worked with. You have my utmost respect.”
Jim P, President, Bluefish Marketing

“What an upbeat, can-do, will do marketer with attitude! Great attitude and great results. The programs you helped us develop have helped us improve loyalty and get into new doors. Melynn is the consummate professional.”
Terry M, Sun Microsystems

“In addition to her significant contributions to our marketing efforts, Melynn also assisted our Executive committee in analyzing important strategic issues. In short, Melynn was a valuable member of our management team and I recommend her highly to anyone needing her services.”
Mike S, Chairman, Spencer Fane Britt and Browne

“I appreciate all of your creativity and hard work in putting together programs to use that provided each of us with the opportunity to build stronger customer relationships, and put more money in our pockets.”
Brian N, StorageTek

“I’ve had the chance to share nSight Marketing with several business colleagues. Your work with us have helped us focus on our identity, goals, communication, and business growth.”
Lynn S, Schutte & McKnight