Value Proposition Launches at NAR Mid-Year

nar_vpguideThe National Association of REALTORS® launched a value proposition for it’s 1000 small local associations this week to unify leaders and staff, and ultimately to sell the association to it’s members. The message is part of a toolkit on NAR’s website that houses a digital “how to process,” two optional value messages and graphic designs. Finally, a user guide to helps association executives in its implementation.

A strong value message – a value proposition – builds on an assocaitions brand promise. The clear, simple message links up what members need most with what the association does best. It’s the rationale that answers for a member: “So what? Why should I join or belong?”

The value message is based on three benefits of NAR’s core association requirements of (1) Political Involvement, (2) Local Community Involvement, and (3) Member Professionalism & Ethics. Associations can download and customize the value message for their own local use.

20 small association AEs and a Core Standards Workgroup and first hand knowledge of member needs helped to discover and verify the message to be relevant, different and credible. These benefits highlight few “uniques” that support the association’s brand.

The program launched through a presidential briefing, an all-AE Forum and the State CEO meeting – both at NAR’s mid year meetings in Washington this week.

For more information about value propositions, go to or contact Melynn Sight, president, nSight Marketing at



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Melynn Sight is the President of nSight Marketing. After spending 25 years in corporate, for-profit marketing and communications, Melynn works exclusively with association executives and executives on refining their communications with members. nSight Marketing is the first and best place to discover and then communicate your unique message of value. One that is relevant to your most important audiences.

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