Communications Plan Workshop

As an Association Communicator do you:

  • Have trouble prioritizing content that members say they want because of ad hoc requests from staff or board members?
  • Feel your communications are a little bit scattered, instead of organized and planned out?
  • Have a systematic way to measure and show your staff and your board what is and is not working?

A communications plan helps you overcome those obstacles. A plan will:


Objectives of the Workshop

  • Establish communications goals that link to your strategic goals
  • Hone in on a few key audiences (and why that’s important)
  • Plan ahead the types information and the way you’ll deliver the information over a 12-month (repeatable) timeframe
  • Establish a process so that there is accountability to the plan



  • A virtual workshop
  • A customize plan template and project management ideas for staff use
  • Review of your plan after you complete it

Target Audience:  Communications Directors, Association staff, and CEOs

See an Infographic on How to Master Member Communications

Learn the 10 steps to Building a Communications Plan

What Attendees Are Saying About Creating a Strategic Communications Plan:

“I feel as if I attended a masters class in association communications! My head is spinning, but I feel good that my plan is going to raise the perception of our association to the next level.” (Tiffany)

“The breaking down of a communication plan, I never thought of it that way before and it makes total sense.” (Laura)

“A plan is important but never prioritized by most people. You have pushed through the barriers of communication through this webinar.” (Peggy)

Communications Plans

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