Creating a Strategic Communications Plan

Regardless of your organization’s size, a communications plan:

  • Directs your focus
  • Compels you to think about measurements for your communications
  • Creates consistency in your message
  • Sets rules for your delivery process across the staff

The communications plan workshop will guide your staff to think about communications in an entirely new way. It will improve the way you write, plan deploy and measure your communications.


  • Learn why communications goals are so important
  • Identify key audiences, messages and delivery channels that spans a 12-month (repeatable) timeframe
  • Establish a process for staff to help you be accountable to the plan



  • A communications plan workshop (live or virtual) to lay out key messages, delivery channels and calendar
  • Two additional virtual meetings to finalize the plan
  • A fully-working document supported by project management ideas for staff use

Target Audience:  Association staff, CEOs and especially Communications Directors

View a Communications Plan case study featuring Boulder Area REALTORS® Association

Learn the 10 steps to Building a Communications Plan

What Attendees Are Saying About Creating a Strategic Communications Plan:

“I feel as if I attended a masters class in association communications! My head is spinning, but I have so many handouts I can refer back to when I get stuck. I feel good that my plan is going to raise the perception of my association members to the next level.” (Tiffany)

“The breaking down of a communication plan, I never thought of it that way before and it makes total sense.” (Laura)

“Learning the difference between a strategy & a tactic. Also, loved your example of combining a benefit & barrier. Never thought of it that way!” (Lara)

“A plan is important but never prioritized by most people. You have pushed through the barriers of communication through this webinar….you have proven that “time difference” & even “crossing the dateline” is not a hindrance to learning.” (Peggy)

Communications Plans

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