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6OO_3913Melynn teaches and motivates association executives, staff and leaders on topics of communication and member value. Her style is interactive and motivational. She will help your audience build new skills, learn relevant tools and ideas, or facilitate a planning process to point you in a new direction.

The topics below can be tailored to your specific goals and participants.

Member Value Proposition

Seven Steps to Developing Your Association’s Value Proposition
Follow seven steps to prepare, create, test and then communicate your association’s value proposition. Articulate what your association “brings to the table” that answers what is most relevant to your members.

Leadership’s Role in Delivering Your Value Proposition
Understand what makes a strong value proposition and leadership’s role in championing the message.

Communicating Member Value
Gain members’ attention and demonstrate value through clear, effective communications.


Eight Ways to Get More Members to Read
Learn to communicate with members more effectively by looking at your communications in a new way with tools you can use immediately.

Eight Steps on the Path to Get More Members to Your Event
What would compel you to be at an association event? Learn eight steps to get more members to attend. Start planning for bigger events that build loyalty with members. Reinforce the “So What?” about what you want them to do with their time.

Five Ways to Use Technology to Connect Better to Anyone in Business
Use everyday technology and tested communications tools to build credibility and show prospects you know their business.

Communications as a Business Asset, Not a Water Hose
Use a demonstrated process to build a practical and usable communications plan you can create, follow and track towards your association’s goals.

Marketing Communications That Are Right On and Relevant
Build loyalty by delivering relevant communications that directly link to what members need most.

Creating a Communications Plan
Our Communications Plan Workshop is a hands-on and engaging full-day workshop to help any association create an actionable communications plan for your organization. Coordinate your messaging and streamline the methods of distribution.


Creating Association Karma
Create a unique promise that unifies your staff and leaders, give you a focus for your communications, and connects members to your brand.

Creating Career Karma for Members and Leaders
Learn six steps to create brand “you” and set yourself and your business apart. (Branding for the member)

Leadership & Strategic Planning

Communications & Leadership: Blending Experiences of All Colors, Into a Voice of One
Just like a colorful roll of Life Savers®, the makeup of a leadership team is diverse. Leaders come to the boardroom with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Learn how to blend different leadership styles into the best kind of ‘voice of one.’

Need to Know Leadership
Learn necessary skills to become an effective association leader through two relevant, fun and interactive leadership courses.

Realtor® Leadership Program 200 & 300 (This is a licensed course through National Association of REALTORS®)
Learn necessary skills to become an association leader through relevant, fun and interactive courses. They review almost any possible aspect of leadership. Current leaders will learn from this course, as will prospective volunteers who have an eye on developing skills for business and association leadership.

We’re All in Sales – So What Does That Have to Do with Future Leaders?
Face it, we’re all in sales. Leaders need sales skills to recruit volunteers. Overcome the sales stigma and learn strategies to turn volunteer suspects into prospects.

Writing Workshop for Emerging Leaders
Elected leaders represent your association; so getting them to improve in their communications helps them as business people and as leaders. Leaders are responsible for communicating the association’s value, but don’t always have the right tools. Finally there is a workshop that helps open their eyes and forever change the way they communicate! (This course uses samples from participants.)


Don’t Ask (Unless You’re Ready for the Answer!)
Surveying members can be daunting. “What do I do with all that feedback? What does it really mean?” When you incorporate survey data into an annual association communications plan, you’ll have a method in place to learn what your members want.


Write Like a Rock Star
Any Association staff who communicates with members and prospective members will learn a new approach to writing.

Writing Workshop for Emerging Leaders
Elected leaders represent your association; so getting them to improve in their business writing helps them as business people and as leaders. The principles of communication are universal. Leaders are responsible for communicating the association’s vision, but don’t always have the right tools. Finally a workshop that helps open their eyes and change the way they communicate forever!

5 Ways to Connect with Anyone in Business
Any professional who communicates with customers and prospective clients will learn a new and different approach to writing to help grow their reputation and their business. Finally a workshop that reminds and teaches members what they may have forgotten (and what has changed) since grammar school.

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