Strategic Planning Workshop

“Strategy is a little word with big impact. A strategy outlines a strategic direction and priorities. The essence of strategy is choosing to perform activities differently from competitors so as to provide a unique value proposition to your customer.”
- Kaplan & Norton, 2001

The strategic planning workshop outlines your strategic focus for three years and its end-result.

The strategic plan is the basis for your association’s operating plan and committee work. It presents a framework for the board to follow on an ongoing basis and staff to work on day to day. The board’s role is to monitor the plan’s results. The staff’s role is to execute and deliver on the activities that will link directly to your strategic goals.


  1. Show leaders and members that you have a pulse on the industry, on members’ issues, and a related plan to make positive change.
  2. Improve and promote the profession on behalf of (and to) your members.
  3. Defend against relevant threats that face your organization.
  4. Improve the value you deliver to your members.


  • An 8-hour onsite workshop
  • A pre-session survey
  • An outline of the plan, with goals and objectives

Target Audience

Association CEO, board of directors, selected staff, and other participants from key member audience segments

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